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Toilet chatting site

The first two may indicate constipation, while the last three suggest there's some intestinal inflammation resulting in diarrhea.That means that, ideally, we should all be somewhere between the third and fourth types most of the time.Always have a mixture of cash (in small denominations), an ATM card and major credit cards.

But watch out for the men who take advantage of that friendly nature. There are also ATM machines throughout Turkey, however don't solely rely on your ATM card as your main source of cash in the event that you cannot find a machine that will accept your card.

The most important thing to keep track of, then, is when things .

Have you always been a once-a-day kind of person but now you're on day three and still waiting?

having a Type 2 poop doesn't mean you're suffering from constipation), the chart remains pretty much omnipresent.

It's easy to read and, generally, a good way to keep track of what's going on down under.

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